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'Welcome to Capitola Child Care Family Daycare. The teaching and care of young children, is our passion.'

Capitola Child Care is focused on providing a high-quality nurturing environment that promotes learning through play. Children by nature have a curiosity to explore the world and a need to make sense of what they see and hear.By proving the right activities children can learn Cognitive and Social skills, as well as self confidence. When children get the opportunity to do activities on their own they are not only learning but having fun as well.

We invite you to view our Enrollment Parent packet.  Please click on the link above.  You may fill that out and click the submit button on page 12, this will email us a copy to help start the enrollment process.

At Capitola Child Care we strive to provide a place where all children can feel welcome, a safe place from discrimination, a place to play and learn.

  • Providing Quality, licensed care in Capitola since 2012
  • Care based on creating a home atmosphere of good morals, positive values and mutual respect
  • Daily structured programs that follow Teacher-credentialed Home PreSchool curriculum.  (Montessori & Reggio Emilia influnced)
  • Two-Step parent interview process ensures trust and mutual assurance.
  • A nursery that is safe, bright, and clean.
  • Good quality equipment and toys.
  • A well maintained, safe, outside play area.
  • Carefully chosen routine that develops with your child

    Contact us at:  info(At)CapitolaChildCare(DOT)com
    Phone:  83l-5l5-7O99





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